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Eleven is the epitome of purity and balance. The number one signifies new beginnings and a single-minded outlook. This translates to a purposeful vision in life and the pursuit of peak performance in different aspects as an individual.

Eleven represents a reflection of two strong individuals held in harmony yet maintaining its own strength - in perfect balance. At eleven, that is exactly what we seek to do, finding you a match which complements you in every way, fulfilling your ideals and vision of a refined life partner.


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why us?

Welcome to the network of modern high-net-worth and eligible singles who are looking for a long term and committed relationship.


We have a photo sharing network with high net-worth and eligible singles looking for a serious and committed relationship.


Eleven is a sophisticated and exclusive introduction service that offers reputable matchmaking as well as an established portfolio across the dating vertical.


With a strong presence established across Asia - Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, Cross border matchmaking services are also available.

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